Soft Tissue Management for the Performing Artist

81 Views  •  27 Apr, 2021

Dancers and instrumental musicians are highly skilled artist-athletes with physical demands that can contribute to injury. These artist’s benefit from innovative technologies and techniques to manage common soft tissue injury to be able to return to dancing and playing efficiently.

This webinar will discuss three innovative technologies to accentuate techniques for care of the performing artist. Instrument assisted soft-tissue mobilisation (IASTM), mechanically-assisted myofascial release, and myofascial acoustic compression therapy (focused shockwave) will be discussed including a brief overview of each technology including physiological mechanism, precautions/contraindications, and common injury uses in this patient population

04:0205:01 – Intrinsic and extrinsic causes of performance related musculoskeletal disorders
05:026:08 – Biopsychosocial model – considerations
06:0907:35 – Common clinical problems
08:3411:50 – Performing arts rehabilitation pathway
17:2723:27 – Using IASTM within treatments
23:2828:08 – Treating with LymphaTouch
28:0933:25 – Piezowave2 treatments
33:2634:24 – Backstage management Q&A
37:4839:08 – How useful is it to have a range of interventions available to use?
41:2243:17 – Using different technologies to benefit each other together
43:2244:32 – What is the best way to tackle Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome?
48:2249:41 – What is the difference between cupping and LymphaTouch?
53:1055:38 – Techniques for increasing flexibility


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