Pain & Dysfunction; Incorporating IASTM & Biomechanical Taping

119 Views  •  27 Apr, 2021

In this webinar we will include:

• An overview of science / reasoning behind a mechanical approach to rehab
• Demonstration of IASTM to address soft tissue adhesions and neural activation
• Demonstration of dynamic stretching and posterior kinetic chain activation techniques
• Demonstration of biomechanical tape to reduce workload and restore normalisation
• Demonstration of high frequency vibration to main pain and improve localised circulation

3:334:33 – Mechanical approach to rehab
4:347:08 – Why IASTM?
19:4023:50 – IASTM treatment demonstration for plantar fasciitis
24:3227:27 – Demonstration – Dynamic tape application on the foot
27:5131:28 – VibraCool demonstration to address pain

33:0534:44 – What percentage of stretch so you apply Dynamic tape with?
35:4440:47 – What is the research and evidence for IASTM, Dynamic tape and VibraCool?
40:5742:04 – How long would you use IASTM to achieve the effect you want?
43:3945:21 – Why would you use IASTM over your hands?
50:2652:50 – Do you advise or teach patients to apply Dynamic tape themselves?
55:2257:29 – What’s your favourite injury to treat with these methods?


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