Lymphoedema Prevention Pathway

100 Views  •  20 Aug, 2021

We know that the Lymphoedema surveillance and prevention model is the best practice. This model of care has been proven effective in several research articles and is supported by many international groups in their position statements and consensus documents, including; – The International Lymphoedema Framework – Australian Lymphoedema Association – National Lymphoedema Network So WHY are we not able to do more in the UK?

In this webinar, we will be speaking to two of the leading pioneers for this pathway in the UK and internationally to discuss and explore the barriers we face implementing this pathway and what we can do to overcome them.

01:2521:03 – Louise Presentation
21:4043:46 – Ali Presentation Q&A
43:5245:38 – Karen cooper question: thoughts on fluoroscopy pre-surgery
45:4749:52 – Prevention Question
49:5351:42 – Commissioned service and financial aspect
51:4355:37 – Perometer vs. bioimpedence?
56:0058:47 – Worldwide pathways – where does the UK sit – are behind?
58:481:00:38 – Would Ali like to see more private provision?
1:00:391:04:07 – Model of care can it be changed to fit the service? Persistent and patient to Ali
1:04:081:06:16 – Final nuggets of each speaker



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