LymphaTouch for Burns Management

164 Views  •  27 Apr, 2021

*Please note this webinar contains graphic images of severe injury*

Mira Presentation – 01:37
Janine Presentation – 6:58
Rachel Presentation – 15:03

Start of the Q & A – 22:20
How soon can you work on the scar tissue? – 22:56
Does the type of burn injury affect the difference of approach? – 23:32
How old can you treat a scar? What is the oldest you have treated? – 24:14
How many treatment sessions per patient? – 25:12
Research outcome measures can be looked at for scar management? – 27:33
What other objective measures are being used? – 29:27
Polly Brookes DFFB support – 30:55
Does LymphaTouch compare to cupping? What are the differences? – 32:29
Is LymphaTouch painful and which mode/setting are you using to treat burns? – 34:07
How long does a treatment session last? – 35:30
Contraindications for LymphaTouch – 36:05
LymphaTouch is intuitive and easy to adapt for your patients – 37:26
Manual techniques, are they transferable to using the LymphaTouch? – 38:39
How long do the effects last? – 39:41
What other treatments are you using alongside LymphaTouch? – 41:05
Do you have any recommendations on use with firm scars? – 42:18
Opinions on the maturing/new scarring? – 43:17
Is it limited to scarring for burns? – 46:38
Have you seen any adverse effects or complications? – 51:13
Have you treated facial scars? – 52:32
Do you see an emotional release as well as physical? – 53:49
Impact of patients treating themselves? – 55:31
Contraindication to using on any internal fixations – 57:12

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