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Eccentric Exercise

295 Views  •  27 Apr, 2021

Eccentric exercise, muscles lengthening under force, has long been recognised as highly effective by Orthopaedic and Physiotherapy thought leaders. Until now, there wasn’t a proven device to deliver the benefits of eccentric resistance in a safe, closed chain manner. This session will dive further into the science of eccentric exercise and how the BTE Eccentron allows you to offer controlled but and targeted isolated eccentric exercise to nearly any client case, specific to each patient.

0:006:41 Introduction
6:4211:24 Benefits of eccentric exercise
11:2513:34 Open vs Closed kinetic chain
13:3514:09 Injury reduction (muscles and tendons)
14:1020:49 What is the Eccentron?
20:5031:44 Eccentric research applications with Eccentron

31:4533:24 Using tech vs no tech
33:2534:29 Are isometric loading exercises as effective as Eccentric?
34:3036:21 Why isolate eccentrics?
36:2237:39 Managing different patient groups
37:4040:16 What if the patient experiences discomfort?
40:1741:11 How does eccentric exercise link in with shockwave when treating tendons?
41:1241:51 Eccentric training to prevent hamstring training
41:5245:00 COVID-19 patients



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