Achilles Tendinopathy and Shockwave Therapy

254 Views  •  27 Apr, 2021

Start of John’s Presentation – 3:05
Treatment intervention; Do the same changes he made apply the same to radial – 24:58
Do you prefer focused to radial? – 26:32
Radial vs. focused Cleveland paper 2007 (acoustic field) – 27:55
Did you do anything else to shockwave and progressed the exercise? – 29:37
Was it distal Achilles tear or tendinopathy? – 31:05
On Achilles tendinopathy research is mixed, does he see a difference in non-insertional to insertional tendinopathy? – 32:05
Is there an optimum frequency for radial/focused? – 34:05
Is using diagnostic ultrasound required for using focused shockwave? – 36:46
Have you used shockwave further up the structures? – 38:45 Dosage – you use a high dose on this case, do you do this regularly? – 39:44
Can shockwave cause damage? – 41:32
Athlete population vs. general public – this affects your shockwave treatment? – 43:00
Have you ever seen the sonographic appearance of a tendon change in the short term after shockwave? – 45:44
Any other precautions to using ESWT? – 47:17
Using it around the spine? – 48:24
Around Achilles tendinopathy is a defined diagnosis – are we limiting our scope of using shockwave – can we be using it on more? – 50:07
Radial vs. focused which one do I get? – 53:52

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